“Frank was instrumental in a smooth and expedited transition into a new role.  The

 executives said they are thrilled thus far with the value I have created for them in such a

 short period of time.  Frank's guidance and suggestions enabled me to quickly understand

 who I am, how I can fit in and quickly make the strongest contribution. Frank has helped me 

 to create a consistent and constructive dialogue between myself and the principals that will     ensure no “little things” get in the way of success.

 To sum up, Frank’s direct, compassionate and often humorous approach to coaching created

 significant clarity which helped in strategic decision making and in understanding the little

 and big things that can derail one's performance and relationships with subordinates, peers,

 and c-level leadership."     

Adam. B.,  Director, Talent Management

                                                                             - - - - - - - - - - - -  

 “Frank is an excellent listener.  He allows me to take the coaching sessions in the direction  I 

 want, but makes sure I stay on track with the goals established in our coaching contract.  He

 gently pushes and pulls as necessary.  He helps me reflect on my own thoughts and  feelings

 while adding valuable perspectives and other points of view.  Frank’s easygoing, positive 

 personality and his use of humor make the coaching sessions enjoyable.

 Frank was especially insightful as I was going through a major transition in my professional 

 career. While I have been through this experience many times before and knew what to 

 expect, it took a few sessions with Frank to help me understand what was different with 

 this transition, how I could manage myself through it and how I could help myself be more 

 effective through the process. It helped me change my whole perspective and I instantly 

 became both more effective, comfortable and positive about the transition.”     

David D.,  Chief Human Resources Officer


 Make positive changes in your career and your life.

As a certified coach, I help my clients along a path of self-discovery that produces insights that lead to positive changes in their careers and their lives.

I have specific expertise in the areas of career transition, executive presence, communication, and navigating difficult organizational politics.

Frank Powell